Top 20 NuGet of Packages

This is a IoC container based on Dependency Injection. As dependencies are controlled with attributes, you do not need any code to register, lookup, or wire object instances. It is self contained by defining attributes in your classes. Configuration can also be externalized with a declarative XML c...
This package includes all the requierd Methods to communicate with DynThings WebAPI services.
Inversion of Control symplify using Simple Injector
Library that parses Path of Exile Clientlog and fires events accordingly.
Interfaces for Generic Repository and Unit of Work
RulesChain is a small lib that simplify writing business rules in .NET environment. Its based on Rules Design Pattern and Chain of Responsability Pattern and works like ASP.Net Core middlewares. This package includes only the interfaces that is used on RuleChain package. You will only install this ...
Additional wireup provider for NanoMessageBus using Autofac.
Dynamo Ioc Extensions provide features like Lambda Registrations and Scoped resolving. It also adds LazyResolve and GetFactory extensions for resolving.
The scenarioo C# Writer Library helps you to produce user scenario documentations out of your UI tests, such that your project’s stakeholders can browse it through the Scenarioo webapplication. More information see Details about using the scenarioo C# API see https://github....
Simple resolver for simple needs. A (tiny) high speed dependency resolver built for Crosser Technologies realtime streaming framework
A wrapper class for FluentValidation library. Allow to inject a custom validator or the AbstractValidator.
Repository Generator will generate an entire repository structure for you. All you need to supply a namespace which contains all your Entity Framework models and the will generate repositories for all your models, it will generate a generic repository providing you with basic ...
LeadPipe.Net.Data.NHibernate.StructureMap is a comprehensive pre-built data implementation package that uses NHibernate and provides implementations of a repository, the query object pattern, and unit of work pattern. This package provides easy component registration for StructureMap users. ...
SimplePersistence.UoW.NH offers implementations to the SimplePersistence.UoW using NHibernate 4 as the ORM.
This is a clean repository pattern abstraction over Entity Framework that is further layered with Unit of Work pattern. This framework helps you to write clean code which dealing with your entity querying and also allows you to add extended operations to each entity service. The major advantages wou...
Beetle.js Client with TypeScript definition files.
A plugin for Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore to support repository, unit of work patterns, and multiple database with distributed transaction supported.
This package contains a SqlServer EntityFramework provider for the CG.Linq package.
This package contains an in-memory EntityFramework provider for the CG.Linq package.
This package contains a SqlLite EntityFramework provider for the CG.Domain package.