Top 20 NuGet number Packages

Tools and extensions to the .Net framework.
Provides an IBAN validator for verifying IBAN's.
jQuery plugin that automatically formats currency (money) and numbers as you type on form inputs. It supports most International numeric formats and currency signs including those used in Europe, North and South America, Afirica, Asia and India lakhs
Provides a thread-safe pseudo-random number generator.
A javascript library for formatting and manipulating numbers. Package issues? Pleae post them here
A simple package to work with danish social security numbers
LongCalc Arbitrary Precision Float and Complex Number Library
Data annotations to validate IBAN user input.
The component contains a versatile and easy-to-use validation, giving dynamism to your application, has a form that takes the auto validate components and enables the auto submit button when the data is valid. They can also be used independently for numbers, string and email. You can receive a label...
An extension to the jQuery Validation Plugin which makes it use Globalize for number and date parsing (enabling simple internationalized validation).
Interpolator Smooth Bezier Cubic Hermite TextPlotter NumberBases ToBase FromBase ToHex FromHex ToLetterSequence FromLetterSequence Randomizer GetRandomItem GetInt32 GetDouble GetSingle IsInRectangle GetCenter AbsoluteDistance IsPowerOf2 LogRatio RoundToSignificantDigits RoundWithStep ScaleLinearly S...
Provides a few useful overrides of the System.Random class.
This project allows you to validate UK Unique Tax Reference (UTR) Numbers. It also allows you to generate valid ones.
Class library containing useful general-programming classes and extension methods for existing types.
Customizable WheelPicker which is more flexible than android native NumberPicker widget
Implementation of the Fortuna CPRNG, with various enhancements. To get started, see the MurrayGrant.Terninger.Random.PooledEntropyCprngGenerator class. Or use the 'Terninger' nuget package. See for PGP & Keybase signatures of nuget packages.
Active network based entropy sources for Terninger including ping, external http sites and other random sources (via http). See for PGP & Keybase signatures of nuget packages.
Additional local entropy sources based on .NET Standard 2.0 APIs. Sources are runtime and machine architecture portable. See for PGP & Keybase signatures of nuget packages.
Implementation of the Fortuna CPRNG, with various enhancements. Plus a high speed PRNG, and extensions to safely get random integers, doubles, decimals and booleans. To get started, see the MurrayGrant.Terninger.RandomGenerator class. See for PGP & Keybase sign...
WPF Custom Text Boxes like number box that only accepts digit and returns a string value, useful for zip code, mobile number etc, currency boxes that only supports decimal number.