Top 20 NuGet npgsql Packages

npgsql + dapper, simple retrying and migrations
A plugin that extends Npgsql to enable using npgsql as a .NET data provider for CrateDB.
F# type provider to support statically typed access to input parameters and result sets of sql statements in an idiomatic F# way. Data modifications via statically typed tables.
PGroonga extension for Npgsql.EntityFrameworkCore.PostgreSQL (PostgreSQL / Npgsql Entity Framework Core provider). It enable the ability to do full text search, especially Chinese, Japanese, and so on, with EntityFramework Core, PostgreSQL and Groonga.
fuzzystrmatch module support plugin for PostgreSQL/Npgsql Entity Framework Core provider.
Extends ADONetHelper library to Postgres
PostGIS plugin for Npgsql, allowing raw byte access to PostGIS ypes.
Postgresql provider for Entity Framework 6 and above
PostgreSQL provider for Entity Framework Classic
PostgreSQL-specific database functionality
Postgresql provider for Entity Framework 5 and below
Dead simple integration tests with Postgres SQL server throwaway databases.
Minimalistic API allows developer to most easily perform operations with database. By default, library automatically manages DbConnection, DbTransaction, DbCommand and DbDataReader objects. Developer only writes queries.
Implementation of cloudscribe ILogRepository for pgsql
"Npgsql is the open source .NET data provider for PostgreSQL." ** This is a repackage of the third party Npgsql project for use with ThinkGeo's Map Suite product line. ** ** You should not need to reference this package directly, it will be a dependency of other Map Suite packages. ** The purpose...
Now I impleted for a Pg 8.x & 9.x bulk loader with native libpq methods. Very fast loading performance to load PG for BIG data.
Basic usage of Dapper with Dapper.SimpleCrud