Top 20 NuGet nlp Packages

Microsoft.Recognizers.Text.DateTime provides robust recognition and resolution of Date and Time expressed in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Chinese.
Microsoft.Recognizers.Text.DataTypes.TimexExpression provides parsing and evaluation of TIMEX expressions.
Microsoft.Recognizers.Text.Number provides robust recognition and resolution of numbers expressed in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, German, Dutch, and Japanese.
Microsoft.Recognizers.Text provides base classes for robust recognition and resolution of text entities.
Microsoft.Recognizers.Text.Choice provides recognition of Boolean (yes/no) answers expressed in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese. As well as base classes to support lists of alternative choices.
Microsoft.Recognizers.Text.NumberWithUnit provides robust recognition and resolution of numbers with units expressed in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, German, and Dutch.
Robust On-Device Bot development framework that supports 2 unique architectures. The framework contains OSCOVA and an official SIML interpreter. This is a platform independent framework and can target multiple platforms. Using the library developers can easily create intelligent Bots or integrate Ar...
NLTK python library wrapper for .NET
.NET Client for Algorithmia Algorithms and Data API
Library for optimized Deep Learning models. The library is based on python's theano library and offers great tools to create deep learning models. Automatic gradient differentiation is available.
Stanford CoreNLP provides a set of natural language analysis tools which can take raw English language text input and give the base forms of words, their parts of speech, whether they are names of companies, people, etc., normalize dates, times, and numeric quantities, and mark up the structure of s...
Package containing a word2vec object for fast nearest neighbors search. Saving and loading format are compatible with python's gensim module.
Microsoft.Recognizers.Text.Sequence provides robust recognition and resolution of series entities like phone numbers and IP addresses.
Software for corpus linguists and text/data mining enthusiasts. The CorpusExplorer combines over 45 interactive visualizations under a user-friendly interface. Routine tasks such as text acquisition, cleaning or tagging are completely automated. The simple interface supports the use in university te...
A client library that can be used to connect to Semaphore services from Microsoft .Net framework applications
C# Library for HebrewNLP API
Botsharp.NLP is a set of tools for building C# programs to work with human language data. It can be used in common tasks like POS, NER and text classification in the NLP or NLU field. BotSharp.NLP has implemented below machine learning algorithms: Conditional Random Field (CRF) Support Vector Mach...
Contains Snowball language stemmers for C#/.NET. This package is part of the Accord.NET Framework.
This is a port of pragmatic_segmenter, a Ruby gem which is a rule-based sentence boundary detection library with support for multiple languages.
Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis API |