Top 20 NuGet nlp Packages

NLTK python library wrapper for .NET
YeuAI - Text, Voice and Image Processing Library
Botsharp.NLP is a set of tools for building C# programs to work with human language data. It can be used in common tasks like POS, NER and text classification in the NLP or NLU field. BotSharp.NLP has implemented below machine learning algorithms: Conditional Random Field (CRF) Support Vector Mach...
.NET text analysis tool. Tokenize, Stemming and Lemmatization.
YeuAI - Text, Voice and Image Processing Library
.NET Port of Language Detection Library for Java
This is a port of pragmatic_segmenter, a Ruby gem which is a rule-based sentence boundary detection library with support for multiple languages.
Morphological analyzer for Russian language
Find the english language indeterminate article ('a' or 'an') for a word. Based on real usage patterns extracted from the wikipedia text dump; can therefore even deal with tricky edge cases such as acronyms (FIAT vs. FAA, NASA vs. NSA) and odd symbols. (Requires .NET Core 1.0 or .NET 4.5)
SharpNL is an independent reimplementation of the Apache OpenNLP software library.
A client library that can be used to connect to Semaphore services from Microsoft .Net framework applications
Contains Snowball language stemmers for C#/.NET. This package is part of the Accord.NET Framework.
Extension of imbNLP libraries, introducing support for MULTEXT-East morphosyntactic dictionary and pipeline framework for parallel web content decomposition and POS tagging
Natural Language Processing libraries of Veles project, Core and Data namespaces dealing with lexic resources, pipeline decomposition and other NLP stuff
Library for leveraging Clarsentia API to perform sentiment and emotion analytics. Also provides query access to the Clarsentia database. This library supports .NET 4.5+ client implementations.
Detect the language of a text using naive a Bayesian filter with generated language profiles from Wikipedia abstract xml, 99% over precision for 53 languages. Original author: Nakatani Shuyo.
C# port of the Java OpenNLP tools retrieved from (it's not mine!)
The Apache OpenNLP library is a machine learning based toolkit for the processing of natural language text. It supports the most common NLP tasks, such as tokenization, sentence segmentation, part-of-speech tagging, named entity extraction, chunking, parsing, and coreference resolution. These tasks ...
Low-allocation version of Snowball stemmers.