Top 20 NuGet netfx Packages

DescriptionResourceAttribute, DisplayNameAttribute, CategoryResourceAttribute, etc.
xUnit tests for netfx-System.Dynamic.Reflection.
An implementation of the core NETFx ISerializer interface that provides stream compression/decompression on top of another serializer.
xUnit tests for netfx-System.GzipSerializer
Allows easy unpacking of contents from an Open Packaging Conventions (OPC) stream such as OOXML, VSIX, NuGet nupkg, etc.
xUnit Tests for netfx-System.IO.Packaging.StreamUnpack
Clones a stream into an in-memory stream.
xUnit tests for netfx-System.IO.StreamClone
Easily get all bytes that make up an arbitrary stream.
Tests for netfx-System.IO.StreamGetBytes
Core interface that serializers can implement to serialize and deserialize an object graph to and from a Stream.
xUnit tests for netfx-System.JsonNetSerializer
Allows querying WCF Web Api endpoints that expose IQueryable<T>, with full query support for nested relationships, etc. Does not deal with response deserialization. Look for HttpEntityClient for that.
Tests for netfx-System.Net.Http.HttpClientQuery
Strong-typed Linq to Web API with resource names conventions. Builds on top of HttpEntityClient and HttpClient and provides the easiest way to interface with typed REST services that are modeled around typed entities or contracts. Example: var products = client // Note: resource path inferred from...
Tests for netfx-System.Net.Http.HttpEntityConventionClient
A Json.NET-based HttpContent class for content serialization.
Tests for netfx-System.Net.Http.JsonContent
Provides a covariant enhanced version of the EventPattern<TEventArgs>, in the form of IEvent<out TEventArgs> and Event<TEventArgs> (wihch inherits from EventPattern<TEventArgs>).
xUnit tests for netfx-System.Reactive.Event