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Implements the Domain Context pattern for EntityFramework 4.1, by extending the DbContext with support for rich domain modeling capabilities for persistence ignorant aggregate roots and dependent entities, including automatic graph saving, logical deletes and more.
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xUnit tests for netfx-Patterns.EventSourcing.EF
Useful for testing domains that leverage event sourcing
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Simple example of a domain object with logic that leverages event sourcing.
Implements a very simple unoptimized store for the file system.
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Implements the core NETFx ISerializer interface using Json.NET serializer.
Implements the core NETFx ISerializer interface using a Json.NET serializer.
Provides the implementation of a reactive extensions event stream, allowing trending and analysis queries to be performed in real-time over the events pushed through the stream.
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Adds the required source code and Web.config changes to support SWT tokens. Just configure SWT token format in Azure ACS/STS, and add your SwtSigningKey value to the Web.config! Requires: and
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Implements the event sourcing pattern for entities persisted via EF