Top 20 NuGet navigation Packages

Cedita Web Utilities providing helpful extensions to @Html for navigation and more.
This is a Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF) control which encapsulates the MS Outlook NavigationPanel functionality. It fully supports WPF styling, so you can stylize it by your own graphical preferences, if you are an artist deep in your hearth. It comes with a default style wich is more like Ou...
Custom WPF controls.
WPF frame navigation helper framework
AppShell provides a template to build UWA with a standard "hamburger" menu that is built upon SplitView control. This avoid you to write the same code or copy/paste the menu controls for each app while not sacrificing flexibility. AppShell was built starting from "XamlNavigation" sample project that...
GdalS57 Wrapper is a .NET wrapper to help with using the unmanaged GdalS57 library. International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) S-57 Electronic Navigation Charts (ENC) datasets are supported for read access. The S-57 driver module produces features for all S-57 features in the S-57 file, and asso...
Multi Tab Page is a iOS Tab controller type UI for XAML. It works for Android and iOS. In addition, it supports animation for page transitions
A Xamarin.Forms MVVM oriented NavigationService
Simple WPF Navigation Library
MvcNavigation is an ASP.NET MVC library for creating menus, breadcrumbs and xml sitemaps.
The main goal is accelerating the creation of MVVM based applications
The main goal is accelerating the creation of WPF applications
The Dennkind Framework library provides animated frame and navigation controls for WPF applications.