Top 20 NuGet navigation Packages

Provides an easy way to navigate between pages in xamarin.Forms It supports: 1) Xamarin.Forms.Android 2) Xamarin.Forms..iOS 3) Windows.Forms.UWP 4) Windows.Forms.Store 5) Windows.Forms.Phone
XamJam's Nav component for model-view-based navigation in root, tabbed, and navigation page schemes (or combinations thereof).
A simple code foundation for a WPF application to handle basic view navigation, data templating, commands, property notification, and more.
~ сontains abstractions level for EntityFramework: interfaces IEntity, INavigation and abstraction class Configurations
~ сontains abstractions level for EntityFramework: interfaces IEntity, INavigation and abstraction class Configurations
Navigation for ASP.NET is a unique take on state management in ASP.NET applications that puts the Url back into the WUrld Wide Web
Autofac integration for ControllerRT
MetroIoc integration for ControllerRT
With Interaction Lib you can wire up most common ajax UI interactions with as few as 2 - 3 attributes right in your markup with no additional javascript. Also provides markup for wiring and configuring other jQuery/jQueryUI plugins. Provides support for unobtrusive configurations.
Unity integration for ControllerRT
Smart Navigation is a Windows Phone navigation framework which allows you to pass complex data structures between pages in strongly typed and refactoring friendly manner and also automagically retrieving valid state after tombstoning.
Ljund Controls contains Windows 8 themeing for WPF and helpers for animation of controls such as fading in/out, resizing, sliding and more. In addition to these core features, a TextEntryDialog is provided, and a helper for navigation between pages in a WPF Frame.
MVVM MicroMVVM fetches the exportable ViewModels found within an application and attaches each ViewModel to the corresponding View. Inversion of Control MicroMVVM leverages the Dependency Injection pattern, the framework fetches Transient and Singleton exportable services and injects these interfa...
JavaScript navigation router, with knockout support.
A Navigation for ASP.NET Glimpse plugin
An abstraction on site navigation wrapped up in a jQuery plugin. When using website analytics, window.location is not sufficient due to the referer not being passed on the request. The plugin resolves this and allows for both aliased and parametrised URLs. I also provide an API helper method, which ...
A drop menu jQuery plugin.
Applies Sammy.JS client-side routes (history navigation) by non-invasive way. Please visit project wiki pages
JavaScript knockoutjs SPA(Single Page Application) navigation router. With typescript support.
Explicitly load related entities using navigation properties.