Top 20 NuGet name Packages

Codename generator for .NET
DnsClient.NET is a simple yet very powerful and high performance open source library for the .NET Framework to do DNS lookups
An RFC 2253 Compliant Distinguished Name Parser. Written by Pete Everett, ported to Github and NuGet by Pascal Craponne and converted to .NET Standard by Thomas Würtz - CPOL License
Human name parsing. Parses names using English conventions for persons names. Many thanks to Tyler Young, Matt Gillette, mguiness,Paul Forness
Parses full name into first name, middle name, last name, nickname, title, and suffix fields
Strong Namer will automatically add strong names to referenced assemblies which do not already have a strong name.
Provides a way to expose service information (e.g. software version and all the service dependencies versions).
Provides a way to seamlessly add NAME to a Asp.Net Core project.
The easiest way to analyze and fix method names for asynchronous methods.
Split name into military rank, honorific, first name, middle initial, last name, suffix, gender. Also matches names.
Add data attributes to setting class methods to validate input, set default values etc
Automatic strong-name signing of referenced assemblies. Utility software to strong-name sign .NET assemblies, including assemblies you do not have the source code for. If you strong-name sign your own projects you may have noticed that if you reference an unsigned third party assembly you get an e...
GenderPrediction.Turkish is a library that provides prediction of gender from Turkish names built on ML.NET Both training
Builds a friendly representation of a specified byte size value, after converting it to the best matching unit (bytes, KB, MB, GB, etc.). Has various options to control the format of the outputted string. See the project site for documentation.
Provides a way to add NAME as a self host web api endpoint for .NET core using the Kestrel web-server.
Provides a way to seamlessly add NAME to a WebApi project.
A NNS development toolkit
Parses personal names into their constituent parts
Provides a way to add NAME as a self host web api endpoint for .NET using the HttpListener.
PrettyTest provides nicer test explorer names for XUnit test cases. Unit test names are transformed using conventions to be more readable. Heavly inspired by the blogpost