Top 20 NuGet nlog Packages

Gelf layout renderer for NLog
Get NLog-based logging support for your image requests. Especially useful with DiskCache. Docs: Support: ## 30+ plugins available Search 'ImageResizer' on, or visit to see 40+ plugins. Some offer...
Allows the NLog XML configuration to be stored in an Azure Configuration settings rather than a local XML file
NLog target that sends log entries to Exceptionless. Exceptionless is a cloud based error reporting service that sends your exceptions to and provides aggregated views and analytics.
NLog target for Windows Event Tracing - ETW
NLog support for CKFinder
Simple LogEntries NLog target that works on Linux. Uses SSL, multiplexes multiple targets (even with different tokens) into the same connection, is asynchronous and the token can be set in an environment variable as well.
Unity adapter for NLog
Custom target for NLog enabling you to send logging messages to the Sentry logging service.
NLog Target that emits the log entries to a fluentd node
NLog target for Amazon CloudWatch Logs.
Simple logging and enhancements for existing logging frameworks.
Logging Framework for service oriented systems.
Simple logging and enhancements for existing logging frameworks.
Add centralized structured logging to ASP.NET Core applications using NLog.
Logging service provided by NLog.
NLog is a powerful, flexible logging system available for all .NET platforms. It's a great choice when you need very sophisticated log gathering capabilities such as sending log messages from clients to servers, multiple logging levels used simultaneously in the application, and a range of other so...
Abp NLog 集成Seq日志输出模块
Common.Logging library bindings for NLog 2.0 logging framework.