Top 20 NuGet mvc4 Packages

Beta release of the basic enumeration class add on features for using with MVC. Tested with MVC3.
Errordite receives all your application exceptions and groups together those that are the same - automatically or with rules you define. You then decide how to progress the errors. You can fix them, ignore them, or wait and see how often the error occurs. This is the MVC4 version which automaticaly ...
MVC models and extensions for Pagination (easy control of paged results for IQueryable sources).
Package for sanitising sensitive form values in ELMAH logs for MVC4+
A light weight framework that support bootsstrap.
A light weight framework that support ASP.NET MVC4.
Extensions for DynamicImage providing integration with ASP.NET MVC 4
ASP.NET compiler and bundler for Undersctore.js templates.
ASP.NET MVC5 & WebApi2 integration package for Griffin.Container. Add "GriffinContainerConfig.Configure();" to global.asax after the installation.
Razor ViewEngines with Theme support for new or existing ASP.NET MVC 4 application
Contains files needed to configure Ninject dependency injection for an Mvc 4 project
The base UI theme for PSNS Mvc Applications
A simple and lightweight data access tool for .Net
Adds an authorization layer to ViewBuilding so that only authorized content is displayed
Package containg generic database access technology using Entity Framework
AsyncSections give the user percieved speed from AsyncControllers
Utility classes designed for ASP.NET MVC; deals with encryption, routing, caching, authorization, and various other security issues. Designed by used with Dependency Injection.
Azure AppFabric Cache provider for MVC.Utilities
Blowfish Encyption (BCrypt) provider for MVC.Utilities
MVC4 Mobile Rapid Templating Helpers