Top 20 NuGet mvc4 Packages

An easy-to-use management system for the ASP.NET Membership system built for ASP.NET MVC 4 applications. This application comes complete with an Area, Controllers, Views and everything you need to start managing your ASP.NET MVC 4 application immediately.
This package will update your MVC4 project, installing for you and adding in adaptive view features for mobile devices, returning unique views to desktops, tablets, and phones. It will create a DisplayModeProviders class and the ViewSwitcher code for you and includes the necessary MVC4...
Designed for MVC4, this package will add Twitter.Bootstrap for you and create an MVC4 Shared Layout file for you to use. With a couple of quick edits, you'll be ready to use Bootstrap in your MVC4 site in minutes. This package also includes a couple of samples of using tabs and carousels in Bootst...
ASP.NET MVC 4 Useful Extensions
This package contains implementations of abstract Services for use with ASP.NET MVC 4.
Redsys / Sermepa gateway for MVC4
Dependency injection modules for Grace that can be used to integrate MvcSiteMapProvider into an existing dependency injection setup. You may customize this configuration to allow for replacement of virtually any part of MvcSiteMapProvider by implementing one of its interfaces and injecting an instan...
MVC4 Action Filter to support Cors lockdown to a set of allowable domains
Needletail.Mvc allows you to call javascript code anywhere from your MVC project, this is allows you to tell the client(browser) to call some function when an event occurs on the server's code in real time. Only works with MVC 4 and with browsers that support SSE.
Plugin for Glimpse that reads any text file
Strongly-typed, refactoring-friendly navigation extension methods for ASP.NET MVC.
A library that I tend to create for just about every project... contains extensions and other things that I find useful, you might too (or maybe not).
The MVC Ajax DropDownList populates a second DropDownList (onchange) by calling a predefined url. Strongly typed and no need to write a single line of javascript.
Adds built-in CRUD functionality to existing Asp.Net Mvc applications
Handles activation and registration of view building components at Mvc App start up
MVC4 integration for NotDeadYet.
This is a library that gathers small, frequently used functions, when developing the ASP.NET MVC project on a C # basis.
ASP NET MVC 4 paginator
Categorizr is a modern device detection script that helps categorize different web capable devices into 4 categories, desktop, tv, tablet, or mobile. It take’s traditional device detection and flips it on it’s end, assuming devices are mobile first, unless otherwise detected as tablet or desktop. Ca...
ASP.NET MVC4/WebApi integration package for Griffin.Container. Add "GriffinContainerConfig.Configure();" to global.asax after the installation.