Top 20 NuGet monitor Packages

An API for quick and easy monitoring of Player Journal log entries in the game Elite: Dangerous
Harvester - NLog Target
Start, stop and monitor a node.js server from a .NET application
SDK to access EventBucket (Global Anonymous Event Hub).
Provides NLog Target to log to EventBucket (Global Anonymous Event Hub).
Performance monitoring interceptors for Castle Windsor
Nancy integration for NotDeadYet.
Middleware for implementing monitoring endpoints in ASP.NET Web Api.
A Winforms control that monitors an Outlook folder and send processing events to the host application. Documentation available at: Issues and bug tracker available at:
Total wrapper on WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) namespaces and classes to query hardware and software installed on the system for .NET Standard
Retrieves CPUs installed on the system and relatives bus, clocks, voltages and temperatures.
Neo Systems .NET Serial port change monitor class
A C# library to monitor the opening and closing of specific Windows processes
Provides an output implementation that sends diagnostics data Azure Monitor Logs Service.
Admin dashboard for Microsoft Orleans Server build from GranDen.Orleans.NetCoreGenericHost.CommonLib
This is the public library for, a free and simple single-source web application for monitoring all your application layers using Tcp, Websocket, and/or WebAPI / Http.
Convenience node to retrieve file system events as observables
This library wraps allanrodriguez' MonitorDetailsReader and builds small useful utils on top of it
!!PRE RELEASE VERSION!! The package published is not complete yet. meanwhile it only complete discovery announcement via p2p instead of udp. The ad-hoc discovery via Find and Resolve not implemented yet. But the rest is already there - Extend the WCF discovery to...