Top 20 NuGet mock Packages

Simple fakes for testing SQL interaction without databases
A C# class library that handles mocking, test data generation, and validation.
Yet another mock library for F#
EntityFramework Mock models and extensions.
Deleporter - Simple Cross Process Stubbing. Facilitates stubbing out dependencies when running automated browser tests against ASP.Net. Use in conjunction with your favorite mocking/IOC frameworks. Deleporter will teleport mock objects (or any arbitrary delegates) into a remote ASP.Net application, ...
Managed Fusion Testing Framework contains common mocking senarios that help setup tests
Auto mocking of test method parameters with xUnit and Moq. Similar to Jukito for Java, see Check out the project site for some usage examples.
O Thunder é um framework .Net que auxilia no desenvolvimento com métodos de validação, exibição de mensagens entre outros.
Remove the ceremony from your test classes. Easily mock your dependencies using the testable pattern. AutoWrockTestable is an adaptation of Richard Cirerol's AutoMocking wrapper that uses StructureMap's AutoMocking assembly along with the popular MOQ mocking toolset to make it easy to test classes a...
Randata is an easy way to mock your application. It has a generical DataProvider, able to generate random data. It works for both primitive types (int, boll, string, etc), lists, enumarators and your custom types. To use it, just add a reference (using Randata;) and call the Dat...
Excel-DNA-Wrapper is a library that wraps Excel-DNA classes for Excel such as ExcelDnaUtil, ExcelAsyncUtil, and many other classes so you can easily mock them and write unit tests against your Excel Add-Ins built with Excel-DNA.
TDD is dead : only for legacy code that doesn't have HardMock! Record your Mock from integration test when you have lots of Legacy code.
Automatically route your API calls to static JSON files, for hiccup free front–end development.
MbUnit supports creating tests dynamically at run time. By creating a wrapper that exposes FSpec tests as MbUnit dynamic tests, tools that integrate with MbUnit can be allowed to see FSpec tests.
A simple mocking library for TypeScript
A fakes framework for restsharp
A Machine.Fakes context configuration which provides a fake UrlHelper
Machine.Fakes context configurations which provide methods for creating fake request contexts
A library to allow faking of client http logic with System.Net.Http. Supports recording and playback of responses. Particularly useful for separating client-side unit tests from web services.
WcfHelper.Mock helps for develope Unittests for Wcf-Clients.