Top 20 NuGet mock Packages

Serilog.Sinks.ListOfString logs to a list of string so you can test your logging : ``` var log= new List<String>(); var testLogger= new LoggerConfiguration().WriteTo.StringList(log).CreateLogger(); ...tests... log.ShouldContain( x=>x.Matches("kilroy was here") ); ``` This is for Serilog. For Mic...
Need to mock some data? This tool allows you to generate entity records with randomized data.
A set of extension methods for mocking HttpClient and IHttpClientFactory with Moq.
NUnit.Mocks was originally developed for internal use in NUnit's own tests, although we no longer use it for that purpose. In addition, it has been useful as a teaching tool, allowing users to gain familiarity with mocking techniques before moving on to more serious frameworks. For production use,...
*TestBase* gets you off to a flying start when unit testing projects with dependencies. TestBase-Mvc adds a rich extensible set of fluent assertions for verifying Mvc ActionResults and for easy setup of ControllerContext and HttpContext for both Mvc and WebApi TestBase.Shoulds ------------------- Ch...
FakeItEasy auto mocking integration for Stashbox.
Simplifies the creation of small networked applications, for UWP.
Mocklis is a library and source code generator for .net, targeted at generating test doubles from interfaces. Mocklis.Core contains classes and interfaces used by the generated test doubles. See also the Mocklis package for a more comprehensive set of tools for writing tests using the generated code...
Azure.Data.Wrappers Class Library
NMock3 is a Mocking framework that uses lambda syntax to setup expectations and test interactions between classes and interfaces.
RhinoMocks auto mocking integration for Stashbox.
Rocks auto mocking integration for Stashbox.
Provides a mechanism to unit test requests made with HttpClient
C# Fluent API for interacting with Mock-Server v 5.5
Inject wrappers around unmockable objects. Use *Unmockable.Wrap* to wrap and *Unmockable.Intercept* to intercept calls to the unmockable object.
Intercept calls on wrappers around unmockable objects.
Add wrappers for all unmockable objects to the service collection.
Helper methods to work with Entity Framework 6.* and Moq libraries doing mocks of Entity Framework main methods that access database. To understand how to mock on EF 6, then what this package can do for you, give a look at:
Don't spend hours writing code to mock a dozen dependencies, and more hours debugging it. Just write your test code, and let FixtureBase create the dependencies for you. FixtureBase constructs your UnitUnderTest to test your codebase end-to-end, with external dependencies auto-faked and automatical...
Generates fake data and fills your objects with them.