Top 20 NuGet minify Packages

Simple Razor ScriptManager, including combining, caching and minification
ASP.NET WEB程序的优化功能,可以优化js/css文件。而且可以对原文件名进行加密。当你发布后,访问资源将自动压缩混淆代码。再次访问将从缓存中读取。 使用方法:Web.config中:<add namespace="ExfSoft.Web.Optimization"/>; 网页中: @Scripts.Render("~/packages/jquery") @Scripts.Build("~/Scripts/abc-{version}.js") @Scripts.Build("~/Scripts/test1.js", new { attr = "value" }) @Styles.Bui...
On-the-fly image scaling and transformation, less to css, minify of javascripts, etc.
RxLoader allows you to register groups of related resources and preprocess them depending on the environment in which your application is running.
Tweaks for ASP.NET MVC bundling to aid developers