Top 20 NuGet minify Packages

Bundles and minifies CSS, JS and HTML files. Depending on Typescript build, so you can include .js files in your bundleconfig which are generated by Typescript.
This package imports a MSBuild .targets file that will allow you to effortlessly optimize your css, javascript and image files. Download the [Visual Studio Extension]( for better ease of use. How to use the MSBuild target ----------...
Package Description
Integrates the YUI Css and Javascript Compressor with Assman. This tells Assman to use the YUI libraries to minify both javascript and css
Minify your JavaScript, CSS, LESS and JavaScript templates with MVC.
This is simple drop-and-forget, configuration-less (optional) http module that will handle compression of javascript and css, both in files and embedded on html page.
An http module for moving/minifying inline scripts and includes to the bottom of the pages. Used to optimize page loading times due to scripts loading at the end.
On-the-fly image scaling and transformation, less to css, minify of javascripts, etc.
A bundle that generates sprites for css images
Grinds your CoffeeScript/JavaScript and Less/CSS files on the fly!
ExtJS and Sencha Touch application minification library. Allows to automate minification using ASP.NET MVC engine.
This package contains MSBuild task that is designed to optimize all published files in Visual Studio deployment process
Dozes your CoffeeScript/JavaScript and Less/CSS files on the fly!
SPA Bundler bundles Images, Fonts, Css, Js and Html into a single html file. It is intended to optimize performance for Single Page Applications.
DEPRECIATED: This package is depreciated. Please use the package "Atl.Umbracocms.BundleGenerator(" instead
.Net wrapper for jpegoptim
.Net wrapper for jpegtran
A minify WebPart for Suave
Combine and Compress JavaScript and CSS files on any WebForms or MVC application with zero modifications to the webforms/views. Requires minimal configuration. No need to change the way you include the js and css resources on your pages. Simply decorate your action methods with [Combiner(...)] attri...
Tool for dynamic minification, bundling and versioning of JavaScript and CSS files