Top 20 NuGet message Packages

MassTransit Message Bus Abstractions
Core library for including Message in your plugins.
The official Africa's Talking .NET Gateway; for sms, payments, ussd, voice and airtime.
F# Message Templates parser - the ability to parse {named} string values
F# Message Templates - the ability to format {named} string values, and capture the properties
A message consumer job implementation for RabbitMQ with built-in Json serialization of messages - ConsumeMessageAsync - ConsumeMessageAsync<T> q:
A package to use wrap IDispatchers in a Dispatcher which snapshots them via ProtoBuf, for use with CR.MessageDispatch.
Methods with implementations that execute HTTP calls on APIs. Included in this version is the communication log, where external requests can be traced. This package is for applications developed on the .NET platform. Compiled in .NET Standard 2.0. This package was created for the exclusive use of ...
Provides the core APIs to implement a message store.
A durable job queue library based on Reactive extensions
An implementation of a persistent job queue in Redis
RabbitMQ appender for log4net
A Portable Class Library containing a typed message-based .NET client gateway for accessing Stripe's REST API. Used by to process merhcant payments and recurring subcriptions.
Free and Open Source fork of NServiceKit.Plugins.MsgPack V3 Add the MsgPack binary format and endpoint to a NServiceKit web service host.
A CQRS (Event-driven) message router in F#
Extracts X-Session-Id and X-Request-Id from request header so they can be accessed throughout the lifetime of the request
A SignalR channel implementation for SlimBroker
This is a library about Aliyun SDK.
The NLog target to write to Kafka queue
Deprecated. Use the strong named ServiceStack.RabbitMq package instead.