Top 20 NuGet Packages

Freescale MAG3110 I2C 3 axis magnetometer
Command-line interface for Meadow
Core peripheral drivers for Wilderness Labs Meadow
DS1307 I2C real time clock
Lightweight integer accurate 2d graphics drawing system designed for embedded systems
Data logger library
Temt6000 analog ambient light sensor
Bh1750 I2C luminance and color light sensor
Bh1745 I2C luminance and color light sensor
Ags01Db I2C digital MEMS VOC gas sensor
MS5611 I2C altimeter and barometric pressure sensor
Ds323x I2C family of real time clocks (DS3231, DS3231M, DS3232)
x74595 SPI shift register digital output expander
At24Cxx I2C EEPROMs (AT24C32 / AT24C64 / AT24C128 / AT24C256)
Mcp23x08 I2C digital output expander
Driver for Nmea Parsing
Hx711 digital load cell amplifier
Veml7700 I2C high accuracy ambient light sensor