Top 20 NuGet Packages

ST7565 SPI monochrome OLED display
MAX7219 SPI LED driver
TMP102 I2C temperature sensor
ArducamMini I2C + SPI high definition 2MP camera controller
Si70xx I2C humidity and temperature sensors
ULN2003 digital input stepper motor controller
Bosch BNO055 I2C 9 axis absolute orientation sensor
Driver for HTU21D atmospheric sensor
HCSENS0040 digital microwave motion sensor
DHTxx I2C temperature and humidity sensors (DHT10, DHT12)
BMP180 I2C barometric pressure, temperature, and altitude sensor
SX127x SPI LoRa transceiver
Lm75 I2C temperature sensor
INA260 I2C current and power monitor
KY-038 analog sound sensor
IDxxLA Serial radio frequency ID readers