Top 20 NuGet maybe Packages

Maybe<T> is a simplistic implementation of an option type, much like Optional in Java.
Implementation of Maybe/Optional pattern using structure and some nice extensions.
A library for managing program fault-points. Use static types to propagate errors, reduce vulnerable code, and design functional systems
Maybe monad implementation for C# with query syntax support.
Functional extensions for .NET
Analyzer to avoid usage of null in class types. To be used in conjuction with NullableClass
Inspired by Powershell, simple package that will remove the need to think of the name of some variables. Also some useful extension methods on IEnumerable type. Contains an Option<T> mondad Extensions on bool type IfTrue(doThis).Else(doThis) Check out the full project on GitHub
NCommons is a set of several .NET libraries which provide common building blocks that can be used by any kind of library or application. This library provides several members which assist in writing type-safe and expressive code. Even though the package is called "Monads", the included members don'...
Some discriminated unions for C♯ 8.
Vortex is a .Net Standard framework focused on Functional Programming.
An option type for .NET.
A monads package for C#
Implementation of the Option pattern (also called Maybe pattern) for the .NET platform. For documentation and examples of use, see project website.
Vortex extensions for automapper
A core library to enable functional programming in C# Data Types: - Identity - Maybe - Result - Either - Validation - Reader - Writer - IO - State - Tagged - Union - Coyoneda - Yoneda - Continuation - Redux: Store, Reducer, Middleware and Action (e.g. Tagged) Prelude (Standard Library) - Syntactic...
A set of extensions methods to help working with nullable types by implementing the Maybe monad on top of `T?`. Documentation: Release notes: Add new `Else()` extension.
Option types for C# with LINQ support and rich fluent syntax for many popular uses
Maybe for C#
Package Description
A package containing an Option<T> class that functions like a Haskell Maybe type. It is meant to replace certain instances where null is normally used.