Top 20 NuGet mathematics Packages

Assembly providing DirectX - Mathematics managed API.
I-Synergy Mathematics Framework for .net Standard 2.0
The Xamarin.Forms front end for CSharpMath.
The SkiaSharp front end for CSharpMath.
mXparser is a super easy, rich, fast and highly flexible math expression parser library (parser and evaluator of mathematical expressions / formulas provided as plain text / string). Software delivers easy to use API for JAVA, Android and C# .NET/MONO (Common Language Specification compliant: F#, Vi...
The core of the C# math rendering engine - CSharpMath. Can display beautiful math equations and symbols from the LaTeX format. Needs a front end to function. Currently, front ends exist for Avalonia, iOS, SkiaSharp and Xamarin.Forms.
Rendering interface for CSharpMath using the Typography library.
The base code for a What You See Is What You Get math editor.
This package provides common methods used by all other packages especially the most used data structures of the framework. Additionally it provides implementations for debugging assertions, a weak event model and the logging adapter. For more details how to use MARS, please...
Fast low memory consuming mathematical evaluation without endless string parsing! Parses string formula once and uses its object sequence in each evaluation.
Class library implementing advanced mathematical algorithms, transforms, and time series manipulations. Implementations favour simplicity and correctness.
Statistical computations in F# using the Microsoft Solver Foundation
A .NET library intended to make coding a bit more towelerable: data structures, algorithms, mathematics, metadata, extensions, console, and more. :)
This package provides helpful methods and algorithms to handle math computing tasks. It contains implementations for vector and matrix models, mutliple distributions and random number generators as well as several generic distance functions. For more details how...
OpenGL Mathematics (GLM) is a header only C++ mathematics library for graphics software based on the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) specifications. GLM provides classes and functions designed and implemented with the same naming conventions and functionalities than GLSL so that anyone who knows GLS...
MAGES is a very simple, yet powerful, expression parser and interpreter.
The Avalonia front end for CSharpMath.
Can convert CSharpMath.Atom.MathList parsed from LaTeX with CSharpMath.Atom.LaTeXParser into actual mathematical expressions that are evaluatable with AngouriMath. Supports arithmetic, trigonometry, symbolic simplification and expansion, as well as matrices, sets, and equation solv...
Library to perform symbolic polynomial arithmetic on generic numeric types.
Yet Another Math Parser (YAMP) Core System with all base types and functions.