Top 20 NuGet matching Packages

A flexible and easy to use .NET library that simplifies matching of values as well as filtering.
Poor man's and Just Another Pattern Matching simple helper class
A BK tree implementation for fast, fuzzy string matching. Check out the code at
A BK tree implementation for fast, fuzzy string matching. Check out the code and usage instructions on the github page (see package information/project URL link).
Fast and reliable wildcard (* and ?) matcher capable of complex pattern matching.
Binaries for the PatternMatcher library. Visit for an overview and usage examples.
A pattern matching library in C#
Provides a functional fluent syntax for C# based apps
Simple type safe pattern matching for C#
Portable library for easy to use F#-like Discriminated Unions in C#. Implicitly casts objects into OneOf instances, then use .Match extension to do pattern matching. Designed as a partial drop in replacement for OneOf.
A JavaScript library for fuzzy filtering and string similarity scoring
SupplyDemandSolver provides a simple Supply Demand matching algorithm. It supports supplier capacity, demand priorities for different suppliers as well as constraint categories to limit matching.
a .net implementation of an Aho Corasich pattern matching state machine
Library is used to perform fuzzy matching (matching simillar strings). It uses Levenshtein Distance algorithms to perform this operation. In information theory, linguistics and computer science, the Levenshtein distance is a string metric for measuring the difference between two sequences. Informa...
Funny - Railway oriented programming library in C#. Provides a functional programming approach to handle exceptions in an elegant way and to avoid NullReferenceExceptions.
A proof-of-concept implementation of a pattern matching engine for C#.
C#-only solver for the rectangular linear assignment problem, also known as the minimum weight full matching problem for bipartite graphs. The algorithm is based on shortest augmenting path search.
Rule based matching
String pattern matching with readability - 'Coding careers are too short for Regular Expressions'