Top 20 NuGet mariadb Packages

Pomelo's MySQL database provider for Entity Framework Core.
NetTopologySuite support for Pomelo's MySQL provider for Entity Framework Core.
JSON support using Newtonsoft.Json (JSON.NET) for Pomelo's MySQL provider for Entity Framework Core.
JSON support using System.Text.Json for Pomelo's MySQL provider for Entity Framework Core.
FreeSql 数据库实现,基于 MySql 5.6,Ado.Net 驱动是 MySql.Data(Oracle官方)
Evolve is an easy migration tool that uses plain old sql scripts. Its purpose is to automate your database changes, and help keep those changes synchronized through all your environments and developpement teams. Every time you build your project, it will automatically ensure that your database is up...
OrmDB is a simple, fast and lightweight embedded .NET ORM tool which was inspired by the equivalent other tools. OrmDB is standalone a single DLL fully written in .NET managed code, and works across .NET ADO providers such as MsSql, MySql, Oracle, PostgreSql and SQLite.
FreeSql 数据库实现,基于 MySql 5.6,Ado.Net 驱动是 MySqlConnector
Cross-platform ETL library for easily writing high performance, highly productive ETL data processing applications in C#, VB, etc. running on Windows and Linux. Handles large and complex projects with ease. - Community: Get your FREE license at - Trial: Evaluate...
RoundhousE is a Professional Database Change and Versioning Management tool. This is the MySql database package.
MariaDB Sync Provider. Manage a sync process beetween two relational databases provider. This provider can be used as Client or Server provider .Net Standard 2.0
Eventing library, with support for MsSql and MySql. Ideal for implementing, eventdriven architectures, pub-sub, microservices, etc.
Extends ADONetHelper library to MySQL, MariaDb, Percona Server, Amazon Aurora, Azure Database for MySQL
MariaDB health checks package used to check the status of a MariaDB in .NET 5, .NET Core, .NET Standard based applications. LiteXHealthChecks is very small yet powerful and high-performance library used to check the status of a component in the application, such as a backend service, database...
This is a tiny library helps write less code, to execute queries and stored procedures against MariaDB as like any normal CLR method. It is just written for the purpose to bring a new level of ease to the developers who deal with ADO.NET for data access. LiteXDbHelper is simple and...
The CData MariaDB Data Provider allows you to use standard drivers to access data from MariaDB databases.
MySQL/MariaDB binlog change data capture (CDC) connector for .NET
Supported databases: IBM DB2 LUW/zOS, Firebird, IBM Informix, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Sql Server (+Azure), Microsoft Sql Server Compact, MySql, MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SAP HANA, SAP/Sybase ASE, ClickHouse.
C# dotnet templates for creating ETL applications with actionETL. - "actionetl.console" template creates an actionETL console project - "actionetl.addtoproject" template adds actionETL to an existing project Please see for detail...