Top 20 NuGet lucene Packages

C# port of NrtManager and SearcherManager from Lucene 3.5.0
User-Friendly ElasticSearch c# client for Selecting and Aggregating data queries. It's still in early in development, so things like the name-spaces can still change.
Strongly typed object mapper for Lucene.Net
Store your Lucene.NET files in a SQLServer database. No more need for a shared file system when operatring in a webfarm.
Danish analyzer for Lucene.Net with danish stemmer, including config file for Sitecore. Made for Sitecore 8 and Lucene.Net 3.0.3
A Directory to store the index files in LiteDB database to secure the indexed data with LiteDb password.
盘古分词是一个中英文分词组件, 基于官方代码移植,已适配Lucene.Net 3.x. 欢迎Fork GitHub!
Allows to build index Directory objects with a remote master Directory and a local cache Directory.
Provides a Lucene.Net index Directory which persists data in Azure Blobs.
Crawl and index your (static) website for searching using an MSBuild target. Simple search query interface. Uses Lucene.Net and NCrawler.
ActiveLucene.Net is a collection of classes to facilitate developing with Lucene.Net. At its core is the ability to easily and automatically convert between a Lucene Document object and a POCO through the use of attributes.
Shazan library
Building queries with Lucene's API can be a bit of a pain, if not at least verbose. This library tries to make writing queries as simple as possible using the Fluent interface pattern.
Danish analyzer for Lucene.Net with danish stemmer. Made for Lucene.Net 3.0.3
A facade to that is a port to the famous java search engine Lucene. Works like a syntax sugar to use it with the BrazilianIndexer
.NET Core version of PanGu.Lucene.Analyzer.
.NET Core version of PanGu.HighLight.