Top 20 NuGet lightweight Packages

Summer Batch is a lightweight, reliable, efficient, open-source batch framework for .Net and C# community. Its design is driven by the concepts exposed in the JSR-352 specification and provides for .NET 4.5 C# an equivalent to JBatch / Spring Batch. Key Features: • Repeatable and customizable bat...
A simple and lightweight tool for persisting data in dotnet (core) apps.
An RabbitMQ implementation of RDS.CaraBus
Lightweight HTTP Server with advanced WebSocket support.
Lightweight and serializable PagedList implementation for .NET 4.5.2+ For collection types: IQuryable<T>, IEnumerable<T>, ICollection<T>
Mup, which is short for Markup Parser, is a cross-platform library written in C#. It targets .NET Standard 1.0 making it available for a wide variety of devices and applications. The main purpose of the library is to support parsing Lightweight Markup Languages into various output formats, such as...
Lightweight LINQ query builder
Extensibility APIs for Open Folder and lightweight Solution load in Visual Studio.
MVVM<BareknuckleStyle> higly extensible, yet lightweight implementation of INotifyPropprtyChanged
A lightweight client MVC framework for building small Single Page Applications in Javascript. Based on some of the principles that drive Backbone it's an ideal lightweight solution for people either familiar with Backbone or wanting to start learning it.
A lightweight api wrapper for HttpClient to make it all about json.
An inmemory implementation of RDS.CaraBus
Library for lightweight abstraction of plugable/extensible HTTP Proxy which could be build in any web application
Very fast .NET in-memory message queue that uses TCP/InProc transport
Easy to use, lightweight CMS for ASP.NET MVC 3, MVC 4 and MVC 5 with Razor view engine and C# based on html markup. Can be installed as on new created MVC 3, MVC 4 and MVC 5 project as on already existing. Managing zones are marked using html5 "data-" attributes.
Html helper for Lightweight and serializable PagedList implementation for .NET that can create a Pager Markup (Bootstrap for version 3.3.x and version 4.x.x) MVC 3-4-5
Make cross-platform app MVVM-ready with only single lightweight small binary or file.
SIMON and SPECK are families of lightweight block ciphers; those block ciphers are efficient and provide high performances across a wide range of devices. This package includes classes that allow you to encrypt and decrypt using native libraries that are using SIMD such as AVX2 or NEON.
A light, simple, flexible, open source and generally awesome micro ORM.
A set of mediator classes and mappers.