Top 20 NuGet light Packages

Implements a WPF theming library with dark and light themes with accent colors similar to Windows 10 design guidelines.
The Boerman.FlightAnalysis package contains algorithms to analyze flight movements and extract information like departure time and airfield, arrival time and airfield, total air time and more.
A lightweight back-end framework and utilities kit based on MongoDB/Redis
Neo light wallet implementation, using NEP6 standard.
Implements a Window theming control for Dirkster.MLib but can also be used with other theming libraries since there are no technical dependencies to MLib.
The DropDownButtonLib project supplies MVVM/WPF drop down controls that are based on a button.
My AvalonDock community version including critical fixes.
An incredibly lightweight and type safe MVVM library for .NET WPF, Silverlight, Xamarin and UWP
WPF/MVVM control to implement a textbox on top of other elements like a TreeViewItem or ListViewItem (use case: perform in place edit of a displayed item)
Library to control optical parametric amplifiers by Light Conversion.
This package has all the Core data types and methods to support NeoModules project.
Implements a numeric up down WPF control that can be used to edit integer values with a textbox or up/down arrow (repeat) buttons.
Lightweight and simple Excel-based reporting engine allows you to generate reports in Excel (only 2007+ format) using specially developed syntax and data rpoviders. Oracle Provider
A very lightweight HTTP server implementation for .NET written using C#; designed to support low-energy devices, such as the Raspberry Pi.
A WPF/MVVM implementation of a themeable color picker control.
Implements a WPF/MVVM Control libray (with backend) that manages a Most Recently Used list of files.
Base dependency of NeoModules.NEP6project. It has the necessary original code from neo-project to support a light wallet.
A common utilities kit set
WPF Extensions for Jellyfish (including auto-building forms and more)
Important: Not a full Neo VM, just has the necessary functions to support Neo NEP6