Top 20 NuGet kubernetes Packages

Client library for the Kubernetes open source container orchestrator.
A Kubernetes API client for .NET
Microsoft Orleans clustering provider backed by Kubernetes
Package for using Steeltoe Service Discovery Client in ASP.NET Core applications
Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration support for KubeClient
Dependency-injection support for KubeClient
Kubernetes client configuration support for KubeClient
MicroBootstrap is a framework for quickly and conveniently creating microservices on .NET Core.
Kubernetes support for .NET Core
Kapitan.Kubernetes provides all of the objects exposed by the standard Kubernetes API as Manifest objects that can be included in a Kapitan manifest.
Provides developers with a library to create and manage all Azure Kubernetes Service resources.
neonKUBE Neon Xunit testing helpers.
Kubernetes based Micro Distributed Batch Framework and Load Testing Library for C#.
Base package for using Steeltoe Service Discovery
Kapitan.Core provides the base objects to build Kapitan manifests on top of
LoadTesting provider of DFrame.
Kapitan provides a type-safe, intelli-sense capable, parameterizable definition language for defining Kubernetes objects. Kapitan renders these manifests into a YAML file to be leveraged by kubectl or any other client that consumes YAML
Kapitan.ResourceGenerator generates Kapitan Manifest objects out of an OpenAPI (Swagger) description of an API Version
This is an operator sdk written in c#. It enables a developer to create a custom controller for CRDs (CustomResourceDefinitions) that runs on kubernetes.
WebSockets support for KubeClient