Top 20 NuGet kubernetes Packages

A Kubernetes API client for .NET
Microsoft Orleans clustering provider backed by Kubernetes
Client library for the Kubernetes open source container orchestrator.
Kubernetes client configuration support for KubeClient
Hosting Startup of Microsoft Application Insights for Kubernetes
Dependency-injection support for KubeClient
KubeClient contribution to simplify work with CustomResources
Kubernetes support for .NET Core
WebSockets support for KubeClient
Allows IdentityServer4 to fetch Clients, API Resources, etc. from Kubernetes Custom Resources rather than a database.
Custom Resource Definition (CRD) support for KubeClient
Helm contains a .NET client which you can use to interact with Helm, the package manager for Kubernetes. It contains an client-side implementation of HAPI, the gRPC-based Helm API
Pripod enables you to easily access Pod information from the .NET Core app within a Pod.
Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration support for KubeClient
Targets files to enable the Visual Studio Tools for Kubernetes.
HashiCorp Vault libary to read variables into the Kubernetes hosted application
.NET SDK Client for KubeMQ
HealthChecks.HealthChecks is the health check package for Kubernetes clusters.
Graceterm middleware provides implementation to ensure graceful shutdown of AspNet Core applications. The basic concept is: After aplication received a SIGTERM (a signal asking it to terminate), Graceterm will hold it alive till all pending requests are completed or a timeout ocurr.
Kubernetes C# client library.