Top 20 NuGet kentico Packages

Kentico Cloud Delivery SDK
Framework that gives you an efficient way to create automated tests for the Kentico API. Provides base classes for tests and additional supporting API.
The runtime assemblies for libraries and applications that use Kentico API.
English localization of Kentico.
Kentico Cloud Content Management SDK
Accelerated Mobile Pages Module (AMP Filter) is a custom module for Kentico CMS and EMS. It consists of an Output Filter for transforming regular HTML to AMP HTML format and a macro method that makes it easy to adjust and fine-tune the rendered output.
Kentico Cloud Content Management SDK Helpers
The runtime assemblies for Web Forms applications that use Kentico API.
Contains assemblies and content items required to integrate Kentico into ASP.NET MVC 5 applications.
Kentico Cloud Delivery SDK
Integration with Glimpse that provides debug information from Kentico.
Widget to select and display Kentico Cloud asset.
This utility generates strongly-typed models based on Content Types in a Kentico Cloud project. The models are supposed to be used together with the Kentico Cloud Delivery SDK for .NET or Kentico Cloud Content Management SDK for .NET. Please read the documentation to see all benefits of this approac...
Contains all assemblies required to use the Kentico API in class libraries developed for ASP.NET MVC 5 applications. Does not include content items or other modifications intended for the MVC web application itself.
Package Builder is a command-line utility allowing more finite control over the creation of Kentico module packages and support for continuous integration.
TrueLime Kentico Helper
Package Description
Static code analysis rule set used in Kentico projects.
Provides support for responsive images. Two macros are provided - one creates srcset attributes, and another creates a full img element. Image variants are fully configurable via settings, or overridable via the macro. Licence required for non-localhost domains.
Helpers to easily implement data caching for Kentico applications.