Top 20 NuGet iot Packages

Provides Default/Standard Implementations for the Pipeline Modules, Listener, Input Translator, Sentinel, Output Translator and Transmitter for the LagoVist IoT and Devices Frameworks Execution Engine.
Microsoft Azure ServiceBus compression plugin
Redistributable components for package 'AWSSDKCPP-IoT'. This package should only be installed as a dependency. (This is not the package you are looking for).
SemanticData Reactive Networking library based on OPC UA Part 14 Pub/Sub
The Raspberry Pi's IO Functionality in an easy-to use API for Mono/.NET Core This library enables developers to use the various Raspberry Pi's hardware modules including the Camera to capture images and video, the GPIO pins, and both, the SPI and I2C buses.
This part provides implementation of the IEncodingFactory to lookup a dictionary containing value converters. The interface is used for late binding to inject dependency on the external library. This library provides IEncodingFactory functionality limited to encoding simple data types only for the t...
Microsoft Windows machine based authentication for the MultiPlug .Net Edge Computing Platform
File based local authentication for the MultiPlug .Net Edge Computing Platform
Strongly-typed client for Intelligent Plant's Industrial App Store API.
Package containing assemblies to work with IoT Edge routes with typed structures.
Implementation of the library for Troyka Cap from Amperka on the dotnet platform.
Provides extensions for Azure IoT Edge to integrate with the modern .NET hosting model, and implements IoT Edge recommendations for logging and metrics.
Library that is used to send and receive data using the Control Your Way service.
A lightweight and simple MQTT Server implementation written entirely in C#.
A lightweight and simple MQTT client implementation written entirely in C#.
Contains classes to facilitate the uplink to the Calculus cloud.
Open Connectivity Foundation's (OCF) Open Inter-Conneect (OIC) for .Net providing device discovery, arbitrary transport, client/server communication. More details about OIC here:
Base types for MultiPlug .Net Edge Computing Platform
With this library you can control your HomeMatic system.
This library is for controlling an RFM69 Transceiver through .NET. It wraps a native library for this. The only built in library is a Raspberry Pi library.