Top 20 NuGet ios Packages

Custom UIViewController that slides scrollable content up from bottom of screen which covers the main content view on screen.
Xamarin bindings to the native iOS Full SDK including for all encrypting functionality of native sdk.
Xamarin bindings to the native iOS Voice SDK including for all encrypting functionality of native sdk.
Set application badge across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows from a single API. Ability to modify application badge value
Xamarin bindings to the native DGActivityIndicatorView, which is a great way to make loading spinners in your application look nicer. It contains 6 different indicator view styles. Inspired by:
[FIX]:android7 and ASTRO File Manager response. other platform use to "pt.Xamarin.Plugin.FilePicker". Simple cross-platform plug-in that allows you to pick files from the filesystem (iCloud drive in case of iOS) and work with them.
Xamarin.iOS binding for OnePassword Extension
Xamarin iOS binding library for RMessage
An iOS binding library for JPush
A simple Cron scheduler for Xamarin Forms
Xamarin.iOS Binding for Apple's internal UIDebuggingInformationOverlay API. It shows a floating UIWindow that lets you inspect your view hierarchy and lots more!
This is simple Mvvm implementation for Cross Platform Development with Rest Client in Xamarin Form.
SidePanel for Xamarin iOS
Python 2.7 build for iOS.
Xamarin embedded database, requires zero configuration, supports standard ANSI SQL 89 and 92 with BPlusTree indexing, reliable fast and free. In-memory database and on disk database file with ability to create multiple database schema files either in memory or on disk. See Android example project on...
A Screeps Profiler (screeps-profiler) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Countly is an open source and enterprise Mobile Analytics, Web Analytics, Mobile Marketing and Mobile Performance Management Platform.
Xamarin Binding === A slider, similar in style to UISlider, but has two handles instead of one, allowing you to pick a minimum and maximum range.
Xamarin Binding for RSKImageCropper
Classes carrying data parsed from Wechat databases. They are separated from WechatReader project so users don't necessarily need to depend on the entired library.