Top 20 NuGet interface Packages

Library of base Windows Form and WPF Window extensions and dialogs, including those needed for implementing role-based security inside a Windows application.
Wrapper for command line interface executables
A Lightweight Duck Casting Framework for dynamic C#
Interface for MIG service that adds HomeAutomation commands for controlling X10 and Z-Wave devices.
A light abstraction around Dapper and Dapper.Contrib that also maintains the behavior IDbConnection. This library facilitates a loosely coupled design and unit testing.
Manage multiple brokers accounts from a single application. Implement reliable, legal and robust interface to any supported forex broker.
[DEPRECATED] The Client Interface API for use with the Diffusion family of products. This package will not receive updates apart from bugfixes. Use the new Diffusion.Client ( package instead.
C.R.O.W. is a widget toolkit and rendering engine entirely developed in C# with templates, styles, compositing, and bindings.
FFXIVAPP Plugin Interface
imbACE.Core is foundation of imbACE (Advanced Console Environment) console application framework. It provides base application, components & plugin classes, ACE Script execution & command-tree management (reflection, model construction, user reference auto construction) and several side functionalit...
Interface for MIG service that adds commands for controlling UPnP devices.
A simple library for loading plugins.
Common interfaces for contracts
Common interfaces for contracts
Provides UI components tailored specifically for Material Design that works on Android API 21 and above.
Provides a comprehensive charting data visualization suite featuring 12+ series, smooth animations, intuitive pinch-to-zoom, and beautiful modern design. Supports iOS and Android platforms.
Provides a multitude of essential UI components for Crosslight development including Calendar, Map, Carousel, Signature Pad, and much more. Supports iOS and Android platforms.
Library to assist .NET developers to interface with Pete Dowson's FSUIPC for Flight Simulators
A tool for code generating TypeScript endpoints, interfaces, enums, resources and view paths for your ASP.NET Web API controllers/web apps
XML XSerializer's XML serialization handles properties and types that the System.Xml.Serialization.XmlSerializer does not handle, such as interfaces and dictionaries. It is meant to be a drop-in replacement for the BCL XmlSerializer - it uses the same attributes: [XmlElement], [XmlAttribute], etc. ...