Top 20 NuGet integration Packages

Set of methods to facilitate waiting a certain amount of time for a delegate to evaluate, while ignoring certain exceptions while attempting to evaluate, and throwing after a specified time limit (or throwing immediately if an unexpected exception is encountered)
Ported the original package ( to .Net Standard 2.0. Start ElasticSearch from .NET for integration tests. Contains both java runtime and elasticsearch 6 embedded in the dll.
Isolated integration testing for ASP.NET
Core of IntegrationServer, an asynchronous job scheduling server.
Automatically creation and loading Postgresql database test data
Data transformation and analytics library - supporting functions. See the project url for more details.
Data transformation and anaytics library - Sql Connections and readers for Sql Server, Sqlite, PostgreSql & MySql
Common library (with base page-object's) for integration with Kepler - QA tool for screenshot-based testing.
Extends the WebApi integration with SignalR support.
Provides integration to Slack
Integration to Rebus platform.
Extends the WebApi integration with Swagger support.
Plugin-based queuing and scheduling command server.
Xunit.AspNetCore.Integration builds upon AspNetCore.IntegrationTesting by providing a few abstractions to help write integration tests with XUnit.
AspNetCore.IntegrationTesting is a simple library allowing you to run integration tests against your controllers in a strongly typed manner. No more magic route strings and determining what HttpMethod to invoke. You can invoke your controller with one line of code!
Provides integration to SendGrid - Transactional Email from Mailchimp
Provides integration to Mandrill - Transactional Email from Mailchimp
Integration to Serilog logging.
Helper classes and methods for aspnet webapi tests (System.Net.Http : ApiController) for now .net 4.5
Integration testing and unit testing helpers.