Top 20 NuGet integration Packages

An implementation of the Tcl scripting language.
A .NET Standard 1.6 library for using the NUnit 3 (and Moq) on top of the ChannelAdam Test Framework.
Library that allows you to host Vertica Integration Service in a Console Application.
SiteSeeker integration module for Sitecore
Runs xunit tests using the official xunit MSBuild task with every build (by default, in Release builds only). Includes official xUnit MSBuild task binaries
An asynchronous job scheduling server.
Simplify your build, run tests and coverage.
AdmPwd.E Integration SDK library for integration of password retrieval / reset capabilities and other service provided by AdmPwd.E solution to applications
This NuGet package contains a helper library to write integration tests for testing Relativity applications. This is a community supported implementation. If this does not meet your needs for your implementation you are invited to contribute to the project.
ApiGum SDK is a .Net library for managing integrations between popular cloud applications like Twilio, SendGrid, Shopify and others.
Serilog sinks for Nodinite
Temporary package to verify a fix in teamcity
Removed the redundant placeholder attributes in the blocks.
Naresh Scaler provides a simple framework to run your Selenium C# WebDriver integration tests automatically using Firefox, Chrome and IE. Just install it into an empty C# class library, and look at the sample class provided to see how it works. Named in honour of Huzutech's QA maestro Naresh Deeko...
A library to allow stubbing of services while building integration or pact automated tests.
A platform for packaging and deploying .NET-based automation scripts to provide a complete pipeline-as-code solution for building, testing, and deploying projects. Photon Framework contains the core components required to develop Photon projects and plugins.
Intel MKL native libraries for Math.NET Numerics on Windows.
The assemblies needed to run a XSockets.NET server on .NET/Mono
Intel MKL native libraries for Math.NET Numerics on Windows.
Start Redis from .NET for integration tests. Contains redis runtime embedded in the dll.