Top 20 NuGet input Packages

This package provides the functionality to utilize the features of Syncfusion WPF BusyIndicator, Button, Split Button, Calendar, Carousel, Chromeless Window, Color Picker, Color Picker Palette, ComboBox, Date-time edit, Double TextBox, Integer TextBox, Percent TextBox, Currency TextBox, Masked Text...
Library for interacting with external command-line interfaces
Input provides specialized editors including AutoComplete, combo box, masked text, and a custom drop-down.
This package provides the functionality to utilize the features of Syncfusion Winforms Card Layout, Flow Layout, Gradient Panel, Grid Layout,Navigation Pane, MakedTextBox, MessageBox, Popup, progressBar, TextBox, Editable ListBox, Folder Browser, Border Layout, Splash Screen, Office 2007 Form, and G...
Controls for specialized input.
This package provides the functionality to utilize the features of Syncfusion WinForms Calendar, Date-Time Edit, and Numeric TextBox.
Framework for enabling time-series data processing services including hosted input, action and output adapter implementations.
The Open Toolkit is set of fast, low-level C# bindings for OpenGL, OpenGL ES and OpenAL. It runs on all major platforms and powers hundreds of apps, games and scientific research. OpenTK provides several utility libraries, including a math/linear algebra package, a windowing system, and input handli...
Dapplo.Windows.Input provides code to generate and get input from keyboard and mouse
ComponentOne Input for WinForms includes controls that support masking, formatting, validation, visual styles and data binding.
Provides services for the data import/export (input/output). Typically used areas and classes/interfaces/services: - DataStreams: IDataStreamReader, IDataStreamWriter. - Export: IDataExportService. - Import: IDataImportService, IDataImportBehavior. ...
The ComponentOne iOS Input library includes specialized input controls including C1TextBox and C1AutoCompleteTextBox.
It makes MonoGame more awesome.
Inputmask is a javascript library which creates an input mask. Inputmask can run against vanilla javascript, jQuery and jqlite.
MediatR-powered interactions for view models
Bold Reports by Syncfusion JavaScript Extension package which contains the designer extension such as Barcode, QR Code, OData, Business Object data, PSQL, SASS, Web API, and Query input dialog. This is a commercial product and requires a paid subscription license for possession or use. Syncfusion’s ...
MediatR-powered interactions for view models
Input はテキスト入力だけでなく、オートコンプリート、マスクに対応し、さらにコンボボックス型とドロップダウン型を実現するエディタコントロールです。
This package includes UI components for Windows and Uno Platform applications such as: - FilePicker for providing an input control that allows a user to pick files similar to a web file input.
Input library for MonoGame.