Top 20 NuGet ibm Packages

IBM Data Server provider for .NET Core.
LLBLGen Pro is a leading ORM framework and entity modelling solution for .NET. This package contains the Dynamic Query Engine for IBM DB2. This package has an indirect dependency on the IBM DB2 ADO.NET provider, and it has to be present on the system at runtime. For .NET 4.5.2 it's not necessary to...
WebClientPrint for ASP.NET is a plugin-free solution for Client-side Raw Printing scenarios for Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi & Mac clients, exclusively designed for ASP.NET Core, MVC and WebForms. With WebClientPrint, you can easily send raw data, text and native commands to printers installed a...
IBM® MQ classes for .NET Standard
IBM Data Server provider for .NET Core.
The IBM.Cloud.SDK.Core is a core project of SDKs generated using the IBM OpenAPI SDK generator.
IBM® Message Service Client for .NET Standard (XMS .NET)
The MobileFirst SDK for the Windows 8.1, Windows 10 UWP, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS platforms. Getting Started for Windows : Vist Getting Started for Xamarin : Vist http://m...
LINQ to DB is a data access technology that provides a run-time infrastructure for managing relational data as objects. This package is a provider for DB2 on the IBM iSeries.
IBM Data Server provider for Entity Framework Core.
IBM Data Server provider for Entity Framework Core.
dotnet core client for IBM MQ with built-in resiliency and the ability to connect securely
JSPrintManager is a Javascript + Client App solution for Client-side Printing & Scanning scenarios designed to be used in any Website developed on top of any Web Platform like ASP.NET, PHP, Django, Ruby On Rails (RoR), Express.js and more! By writing pure Javascript code, JSPrintManager allows you t...
Enables you to use standard drivers to connect to IBM Cloud object storage via the SQL Query API. Just specify your credentials and access your objects.
Enables you to use standard drivers to connect to IBM Cloud Object Storage objects. Just specify your credentials and access tables such as Buckets, Objects, Services etc.
The MobileFirst Push client SDK for the Windows 8 and Windows 10 Universal platforms
This is an IBM i - AS/400 data access layer that can be used with the standard Windows .Net Framework 4.6.2 and above as well as .Net Core 2.0.0 and above. Apps can run any qsh/pase commands as well as perform XMLSERVICE operations such as SQL database calls, CL command calls, program calls, procedu...
Helps read/write and convert between legacy IBM System formats and .NET types. Includes IbmConverter class as well as BinaryReader & BinaryWriter extensions for EBCDIC string, Big Endian Int16, Big Endian Int32 and IBM System/360 single precision floating point format.
IBM Data Server EF 6 Provider for Entity Framework 6 applications accessing IBM Data Servers.
Unofficial. Only managed `.dll`s with no `WCF`, `SOAP`, `WSDL`, `policy` in names, no localizations folders, any that `System.Reflection.PortableExecutable.PEReader` fails to open and read Cor header. No configurations, readme, texts, executables or scripts. Policy only for version 8.0+.