Top 20 NuGet ibm Packages

This is a library that facilitates the communication with IBM MQ.
Object-relational mapping (ORM) for IBM iSeries AS400 DB2/DB400 Database. You will need As400Mapper.Tools to create context and entity classes.
Synthesize audio text using IBM Cloud Watson artificial intelligence (Speech to Text). Cison.IA makes using this technology easy and very simple, being summarized in just two lines of code.
FluentDAO is a Micro ORM that makes it simple to select, insert, update and delete data in a database. visit for more info.
.Net PCOMM Wrapper
This package contains a version of the IBM i JT400.jar as a .Net assembly for use with .Net applications that need data access to the system.
IBM Data Server Provider for Entity Framework.
Minimalist .Net Core interface for IBM MQ (WebSphere MQ, MQSeries)
This is an IKVM packaging of rpgleparser project on github
This is an IKVM packaging of JTOpenlite Version 9.6 from IBM
IBM MQ standalone client for .NET (wrapped official java client v9.0 with java virtual machine -