Top 20 NuGet http Packages

Provides an object model for working with the HTTP API. Provides transparent integration with .NET Core
The Auron SMS component is a simple COM based API for sending and receiving SMS and Pager messages. The most important features: * Easy to use API; * SMS messaging via Android, GSM modem, SMPP, HTTP and Dialup; * Build your own SMSC with the SMPP server API; * Support for National Language ...
Provides AppSelfHostBase implementation for .NET Core's Kestrel Self Host HTTP Server To get started see:
Service implementations for magic.endpoint, that allows you to dynamically evaluate Hyperlambda files associated with a URL. To use package go to
Motor.NET is a microservice framework based on Microsoft.Extensions.Hosting.
Simple, fast, async C# web server for handling REST requests with SSL support, targeted to .NET Core, .NET Standard, and .NET Framework.
URI Template resolution library - Implementation of RFC 6570
The FSharp.Data package contains type providers and utilities to access common data formats (CSV, HTML, JSON and XML in your F# applications and scripts. It also contains helpers for parsing CSV, HTML and JSON files and for sending HTTP requests.
Provides Microsoft Azure DataFactories operations.
Provides site recovery management capabilities.
A simple caching library to cache any data structure for a specific amount of time in any .NET application. Additionally, offers simple HTTP methods for caching web request data.
This client library provides access to the Microsoft Cognitive Services Face APIs.
Resilient (and standard) http client library
HTTP-specific exception classes that enable ASP.NET to generate exception information.
This is a client library for Azure Container Registry data plane operations. Use this library to retrieve, update and view Registry tags, blobs and manifests.
HTTP Api Client framework built on MS HttpClient
System.Net.Http integration package for the OpenIddict validation services.
Plug-In containing client for invoking REST/HAL based Web API Services.
Elsa is a set of workflow libraries and tools that enable lean and mean workflowing capabilities in any .NET Core application. This package provides the following Console activities: * ReceiveHttpRequest * SendHttpRequest * WriteHttpResponse
HTTP server with minimal dependencies