Top 20 NuGet host Packages

OWIN host built on Microsoft.Net.Http.Server's WebListener class.
libp2p host interface
Generic windows services hoster
Let you test a service communication, between a real hosted service and a client
A framework that allows you to quickly build webservers or embed webservers within an application. Easy Web API development, MVC support, (optional) inbuild security on api-method level, Automatic javascript api library generation, WebSocket support with inbuild security.
Package Description
.NET fast and lightweight IPC framework that allows clients to work with hosted objects remotelly (call methods, get or set properties, subscribe to events, etc.). Can be used as an object-oriented replacement to traditional RPC (Remote Procedure Call) mechanisms.
PosInformatique.AspNetCore.Server.AspNet is a library to host ASP .NET Core Web API on ASP .NET non-core (WebForms and MVC) infrastructure based on the .NET Framework.
CQRS support for TauCode Web API host.
Adds Windows Forms support to the .NET Generic Host.
A library that contains extensions for Microsoft.Extensions.Hosting.IHost.
Adds Windows Forms support to the .NET Generic Host.
iOS supporting library for Hostly
Android supporting library for Hostly
Provides the ability to host an application inside of a console application or Windows Service without taking any binary dependencies upon the host itself.
Core functionality for all AttributeRouting packages.
(Obsolete. Use ServiceWire.) A Lightweight Services Library for .NET.
Serial Port Host
.NET script host for ActiveX script languages including VBScript and JScript. Using C#s dynamic type you can interact with your script as if it were .NET code.