Top 20 NuGet host Packages

UWP host for Globeport Elements
Replaces the Host header with the X-Original-Host after Application Gateway has routed to the correct App Service
This library builds on top of the FSharp.Compiler.Service library and provides a nice API for F# script integration. It provides APIs to push values into and to get values from scripts. Additionally it adds some extension methods missing from the FSharp.Compiler.Service API. wcf service host; wcf client proxy DevLib is a highly reusable collection of components and core functionalities addressing common crosscutting concerns. It provides a comprehensive set of features that save development time, minimize costs, reduce the use of precious ...
This package installs the Eleflex.WebServer component. This is the main web application host for an ELEFLEX solution and hosts all service commands and processes. This package is intended to be installed on an ASP.NET Web Application (Empty Template) project. ELEFLEX is a platform for building modul...
(Obsolete. Use ServiceWire.) A Lightweight Services Library for .NET.
Library to load, host and run ASP.Net websites inside your own process. Has functionality equivalent to the IIS Developer server. Can expose IP ports or keep sites internal to your process. Supports .Net MVC and Web APIs
A helper library with some F# functions.
Common Host Infrastructure to Host Spring Context Applications
The host of plugin applications can be executed as a console application or as a windows service.
Кроссплатформенный хост для управления ЧПУ станком.
Lokad.Cloud AppHost Prototype - Host
Provides support for the general availability of an HttpContext in either WebHost or SelfHost scenarios. Use this in place of HttpContext when developing middleware, and add the HttpContextHandler first in line in your Web API message handler stack, to support HttpContext wherever your API is hosted...
Nancy script pack for scriptcs. Continue your journey down the super-duper-happy-path by creating a self-hosted Nancy website with a single line of code: Require<NancyPack>().Get("/", _ => "Hello world").Host();
The Crawler-Lib Service Console Host allows to run Windows Services and Linux Daemons as a console program.
The Crawler-Lib Testing Base for Service Hosts provides basic functionality for service hosts with testing capabilities.
The Crawler-Lib Service WinForms Testing Host allows to run Services with a WinForm testing GUI.
The Crawler-Lib Windows Service Host runs a Crawler-Lib Service as a Windows Service.
Nano is a micro web framework for building web-based HTTP services and websites for .NET.
Panteon Task SDK