Top 20 NuGet helper Packages

Several Handlebars.Net helpers in the categories: 'Boolean', 'Constants', 'DateTime', 'Path', 'Enumerable', 'Environment', 'Math', 'Regex', 'String' and 'Urls'.
C# .NET Framework4.5版本工具类
common netfx and netstandard libarary,extensions helpers and useful utilities
Helpers classes for projects. Please contribute for improvements.
.NET Standard2.0、.NET Standard2.1、.NET5、.NET6版本工具类
Collection of tag helpers for ASP.NET Core web applications, like Paging, SelectEnum and LanguageNav dropdown tag helpers for MVC and Razor Pages.
Handlebars.Net.Helpers DynamicLinq
Handlebars.Net.Helpers XPath
Unit of Work implementation for EntityFramework Core. For more information please see Calabonga.UnitOfWork package. Perhaps, you might find more information on and
AbpHelper is a tool to help you with developing Abp vNext applications.
Core functionality for Handlebars.Net.Helpers
Handlebars.Net.Helpers Json
Handlebars.Net.Helpers Random
Handlebars.Net.Helpers Xeger (Fare)
A collection of useful extension methods
Extension tools for NHibernate. Provide a base entity, helpers criteria classes for create and execute queries.
This package contains the database creator classes for SQLite.
This package contains the database creator classes for SQL Server 2008 or above.