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System.Guid extensions.
Everyone knows that typical, 128-bit GUIDs are subject to collisions, given enough time. Rubbishsoft has crafted a unique and secure solution to this dilemma with LongGUID by offering 3.94 x 10^115 as much security for your GUIDs by utilizing an industry-leading 512 bits per identifier, as opposed...
ShortGuid Class Library
User friendly (relatively), fast unique token generation library.
A library for .Net that makes creating and working with custom identifiers easy. Stop relying on ambiguous Guid's/Integers for your Id's and start using something ubiquitous !
gicon is to help you to generate icon by 128-bit hash (MD5, SHA1) or GUID.
Angular Service for Creating UUID and GUID
GuidIO manages the directory structure for files automatically based on the file name.
It's a Sample of Microsoft AspNet Identity using Guid
It's a Sample of Microsoft AspNet Identity using Guid
ASP.NET Core Identity by default uses string as primary key, using GuIdentity you will have guid as a primary key.
Crypto utilities to easy our daily jobs, it has SHA utils, GUID utils, etc.
Took the code from and made myself a reusable nuget to be able to make db-specific sequential guids.
Various lightweight utilities which are not specific to any application concern and do not have external dependencies
A Simple Unique Identifier (SUID) is (almost) unique like a GUID but only 7 characters ! There are five types of fixed size SUID : * LettersOnlySuid : 14 lowercase letters * UrlFriendlySuid : 10 url friendly characters * FilenameSuid : 10 characters than can be used to create a filename * Suid : 9...
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