Top 20 NuGet globalization Packages

Pre compilation task to help Localization on Android. This will simply turn Resw or Resx file to a Strings.xml for Android.
Localized Help Page adds localization to your ASP.NET WebAPI Help Page and automatically generates localized Help Page content. Please note that this project is not affiliated with Microsoft in any way. Source code located on
ConfigEasy let you initialize static fields of a class with appSettings of a configuration file. It can manage different format and any configuration file with the appSettings section.
Pre compilation task to help Localization on iOS. This will simply turn Resw or Resx file to a Localizable.strings for iOS.
Umbraco globalization library used by Rhythm Agency.
.NET Core 2.0 Localizer
AKSoftware.Languages helps you to create a multilanguages apps. and create your languages anytime very easily.
Template-based translation with dictionaries
A cloud localization provider for WPF Localize Extension ( to automatically translate your WPF user interface using Microsoft, Google or Yandex Translator. The provider requires Internet connection because is cloud-based. You don't need to create ...
Express localization settings package for dotnet core web appliations. Localize (Views, DataAnnotations, ModelBinding, IdentityErrors, Client side validation errors and scripts) and add RouteValueRequestCultureProivder with one clean step.
Implementation of the MyLanguages.Core library to add WPF features.