Top 20 NuGet geolocation Packages

.Net library for TopoJSON and GeoJSON types and corresponding Json.Net (de)serializers.
Giving an address get geolocation using Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and MapQuest APIs
Simple client for calling free IP geolocation api at
The complete solution of the Accengage sdk iOS and Android binded for xamarin
Unofficial API for
CSharp client for Objectia API
Library to query Google Maps Api
Provides a caching resolver for IP-2-Country
A quick package to perform IP geolocation lookups using databases.
CSharp client for Salesfly API
Determine the country, region, city, latitude, and longitude associated with IP addresses worldwide. Uses the MaxMind GeoIP or GeoLite City or GeoLite Country (free) database which needs to be downloaded separately from
Geolocation API for Windows Phone 7.
MyWakesCalls is the .NET interface to MyWakes API services
Get location details from google map
Lightweight GeoIP service based on MaxMind GeoIP2 database
Core Class Library
Simple free client for getting geolocation data from public API (,,
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GPS Watcher helps developer to collect the physical location information from client's devices.