Top 20 NuGet geolocation Packages

GeolocationJS is a library to get states from browser geolocation
MapVida.WebAPIClient is a wrapper around the MapVida Web API. Its goal is to provide you with a clean and neat interface for interacting with MapVida's data services, while taking care of all the lower level things like HTTP requests, authorization flow and mapping the JSON request to .NET classes.
ShipmentRouter RESTful JSON order routing web services split Ecommerce order to multiple shipments, allocate warehouse inventory and route shipments to specific warehouses based on routing scenarios and available inventory. ShipmentRouter has major order routing functionality such as address geocodi...
Client for IpInfo.Api (implements by
Automatically assigns ASP.NET web applications 'Culture' global settings to the detected culture based on IP address.
Spatialite extension for Xamarin Forms (Android & iOS)
51Degrees Geolocation performs reverse geocoding (using longitude and latitude information) to populate postal addresses.
A portable way of accessing common device functionality for client applications
With Global Exchange API you can convert between 92 currencies of the world, lookup where in the world an IP address originates from and what the preferred currency is.
Use the Skytells API Explorer to quickly and simply integrate your products with Skytells's API.
A library which supports IP geolocation.
Service Objects Geo Phone Plus 2 Libraries utilizing best practices with fail over configuration. This package can be used to call the Service Objects web Service Geo Phone. This service can return various pieces of information about an input phone number including carrier information, line type and...
Geolocation extensions
Provides IP (IPv4 *and* IPv6) mappings to countries. This project provides the IP2CountryResolver and entities and other baseclasses and interfaces. It can be used with many (custom or provided) datasources like the databases from DB-IP, IP2IQ, IPToASN, Ludost, Markus-Go, Maxmind, WebNet77 and the o...
GeoTimeZone StrongNamed Nuget Package Provides an IANA time zone identifier from latitude and longitude coordinates.
The wrapper package
IP-2-Country Datasource for
This is a port of the official IP Geolocation API ( that provides support for .NET Framework 4.0 and above with some few more additions. The official library only supports .NET Core. Fore more info, please visit
This package includes Windows.Services.Maps like APIs cross-platform such as: - MapLocationFinder for providing methods to convert addresses to geographic locations (geocoding) and to convert geographic locations to addresses (reverse geocoding). - MapAddress for representing a physical ...
IndexTank is a free, cloud-based, real-time indexing SaaS (software as a service) that lets you quickly and easily add custom, full-featured search functionality to any web site or application. IndexTankDotNet provides convenient programmatic access to the entire IndexTank API from any .NET applica...