Top 20 NuGet generation Packages

N-Tier Entity Framework Silverlight client base library.
EF6 provider for N-Tier Entity Framework.
EF5 provider for N-Tier Entity Framework.
EF4 provider for N-Tier Entity Framework.
N-Tier Entity Framework server base library.
Common base library N-Tier Entity Framework.
N-Tier Entity Framework client base library.
A lightweight T4 template engine.
Qi4CS is aimed to increase coding efficiency and productivity by introducing easily adaptive features from Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), Composite Oriented Programming (COP), and Dependency Injection (DI). This is the SDK package allowing generating Qi4CS assemblies at runtime.
Schema generation for Dasher serialisation.
N-Tier Entity Framework Silverlight T4 code generation templates.
Nequeo net code generation component
MathExtensions is a library for .NET that aims to provide useful extensions methods regarding various mathematical domains, like combinatorics, sequence analysis, sequence generation, sequence manipulation, random extractions, etc.
Simple Data Model with CRUD functionality using EF
A MSBuild task that converts the `.resx` files to the `.Designer.cs` files.
A .NET library that converts a Resx code into C# code.
DtoGen is a simple generator for Data Transfer Objects (DTOs) and conversion methods between original objects and DTOs. You can exclude some properties from the class that are not needed in the DTO and also perform renaming and simple conversions.
Trimmed down {{mustache}} templates in .NET
Helper framework that wraps TestStack.White to ease aid in desktop UI testing
This project allows you to pass custom POCO's to it, and have it return an instance of the class populated with randomly generated but real-world looking data. This random data can be overridden by convention.