Top 20 NuGet fubumvc Packages

A FubuMVC implementation of FubuValidation
Additional functionality useful for FubuMVC applications that use NHibernate and StructureMap
TopShelf service hosting for FubuMVC 3 applications
Run FubuMVC applications using the Kayak/OWIN stack
Support for using the Spark view engine within a FubuMVC application.
Have validation your way, whatever way that happens to be
Support for using the Razor view engine within a FubuMVC application.
Support for using the Spark view engine within a FubuMVC application.
The FubuMVC Asset Pipeline
Drop in persistence with RavenDb for FubuMVC / StructureMap applications
A FubuMVC plugin that allows you to describe and publish documentation for RESTful services.
Html Conventions and other Html generation goodness for FubuMVC applications
A complete look into what's going on inside your FubuMVC application. Once active, diagnostics will be found under /_fubu
StructureMap bootstrapping for FubuMVC applications
Shared support for FubuMVC view engines
Extends the FubuMVC.Authentication Bottle and provides integration with Twitter authentication.
FubuMVC Convention enabling your web application to emit Swagger api documentation specifications.
The core content bottle and infrastructure for the FubuWorld website
Quickly integrate Twitter Bootstrap into your FubuMVC application
Small library of classes to easily write integration tests against FubuMVC applications hosted by Kayak