Top 20 NuGet fluentnhibernate Packages

Utilities for FluentNHibernate
Simplifies FluentNHibernate connection configuration and allows you to write data-base queries with lambda expressions
Provides the infrastructure for building multi-tenant solutions (SaaS) using MVC5 and NHibernate
Provides NHibernate-based implementation for the Data Access interfaces in MultiTenancyFramework.Core
FluentFramework is a nHibernate based object-relational mapper (O/RM) that enables .NET developers to work with a database using .NET objects.
A framework that helps the use of DDD patterns and implementing the infrastructure with NHibernate and FluentNHibernate.
Boot.Multitenancy v.1.6.5 Multitenancy is a NHibernate (ISession) helper for ISessionFactory. Support multiple domains and databases in a single instance. Contains a lot of extensions. Consult project website for more information.
NHibernate testing utilities and classes for Cobweb, a base-class utility library for .NET
Session per request HttpModule for LiteFx.NHibernate.
A database deployer for an all-powerful domain.
NHibernate utilities and classes for Cobweb, a base-class utility library for .NET
Yarn NHibernate Provider
Architectural foundation for building ASP.NET MVC3 applications whit NHibernate very fast.
A framework for defining relational data in code and populating a target database using NHibernate
A has many convention which sets key column
A reference convention which sets column
An id convention which sets column
A property convention which sets column
Multitenancy for AspNetCore 2.0 See hompage for full description.