Top 20 NuGet fluentnhibernate Packages

Simplifies FluentNHibernate connection configuration and allows you to write data-base queries with lambda expressions
Provides the infrastructure for building multi-tenant solutions (SaaS) using MVC5 and NHibernate
Provides NHibernate-based implementation for the Data Access interfaces in MultiTenancyFramework.Core
A framework that helps the use of DDD patterns and implementing the infrastructure with NHibernate and FluentNHibernate.
FluentFramework is a nHibernate based object-relational mapper (O/RM) that enables .NET developers to work with a database using .NET objects.
Multitenancy for AspNetCore 2.0 See hompage for full description.
Boot.Multitenancy v.1.6.5 Multitenancy is a NHibernate (ISession) helper for ISessionFactory. Support multiple domains and databases in a single instance. Contains a lot of extensions. Consult project website for more information.
NHibernate testing utilities and classes for Cobweb, a base-class utility library for .NET
Session per request HttpModule for LiteFx.NHibernate.
A database deployer for an all-powerful domain.
NHibernate utilities and classes for Cobweb, a base-class utility library for .NET
Architectural foundation for building ASP.NET MVC3 applications whit NHibernate very fast.
Yarn NHibernate Provider
Utilities for FluentNHibernate
Grapes it is an utility library which takes care of mapping tree-like data structures into database.
A framework for defining relational data in code and populating a target database using NHibernate
A has many convention which sets key column
An id convention which sets column
A property convention which sets column