Top 20 NuGet firebase Packages

A wrapper that allows you to use the iOS/Android Firebase Auth bindings (by Xamarin) from your netstandard library.
PushNotification is a framework for Notification .NET applications. Handle Push Notifications. Across iOS, Android and UWP from a single API.
Provides fable bindings for the firebase functions SDK.
Provides fable bindings for the Firebase admin SDK.
Provides useful extensions for working with Firebase, Firestore.
A .Net library for sending Firebase Cloud Messages
This repo will add Google Firebase storage provider for Hangfire (background job system for ASP.NET applications)
Minimal wrapper for Firebase Cloud Messaging
Firebase.NET implements Firebase Cloud Messaging HTTP Protocol that enables sending notifications to Android, iOS and Web through Firebase Cloud Messaging.
FcmSharpLib is a library for sending Firebase Cloud Messaging notifications using the v1 HTTP API.
Firebase authentication library. It can generate Firebase auth token based on given OAuth token (issued by Google, Facebook...). This Firebase token can then be used with REST queries against Firebase endpoints.
Extension Attribute to Azure Functions v3, that allows to obtain ClaimsPrincipal on a request. Currently supports key load from Azure B2C by jwks_uri, Firebase Auth and simple JsonWebKey. Pluggable on Azure Function Startup
A library for Firebase DB written in C#
Send Push Notification via firebase api
Es una abstracción de FireSharp para Cexdai
Firebase data provider for Stimulsoft products.
Firebase Web Client
Builds a firebase compatible GeoFire location entry